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To create outstanding enterprise culture
publish:2016-06-16    begin:Shunchang    views:8078

Today, I want to talk about, is with the mission of the enterprise, enterprise spirit, enterprise culture related. It is commonly believed that the corporate mission is refers to the enterprise in social and economic development should play the role of roles and responsibilities and our business development goals and direction; spirit of enterprise is refers to employees with common heart attitude, realm of thought and ideal pursuit, it expresses the spirit of the enterprise and enterprise culture; enterprise culture, or organizational culture is an organization is the value outlook, beliefs, rituals, symbols, doing things method consisting of the unique cultural image.

In fact, the enterprise mission is the power source of enterprise survival and development, and the spirit of enterprise reflects the enterprise mission and determines the corporate culture, corporate culture reflects, sublimation of the corporate mission and spirit of enterprise. In fact, those excellent and outstanding enterprises have a complete set of enterprise mission and spirit of enterprise is discussed: for example, NOKIA emphasizes "people-oriented science and technology" spirit of enterprise, Changhong stressed that "to serve the country industry, national prosperity as our own mission, strong enterprise spirit is" the pursuit of stronger and better, create a healthy and happy today and tomorrow, Procter & Gamble enterprise spirit is "to create the future, Our wills unite like a fortress.," Heng enterprise mission is "the pursuit of health, you and I grew up together," the spirit of enterprise is honesty, hard work, innovation and dedication ", even as the construction of enterprise culture as well as the HUAWEI also issued a special" basic law "to HUAWEI describes HUAWEI's mission, spirit and culture. These words, discourse, are some very ambitious, very ambitious summary of the text, so as to form a firm in the development of unity, upward, positive and progressive corporate culture.

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